How to Slow Down the Signs of Aging?

Skin care tips to prolong the ageing process.

In these modern times your skin faces many factors which can negatively affect the appearance of your complexion. These include stress, pollution, sun damage, lifestyle choices, lack of sleep and even using the incorrect products and tools for your skin. Whether we like to hear it or not, our skins collagen levels begin to decrease as soon as our mid 20s. But don’t fear, there’s many things we can do to reverse the ageing process to create a youthful complexion which will stand the test of time.

Here’s our list of the best anti-ageing products and tips to assist you on your way to amazing skin.


1. The Natural Face Lift

    • One downside to aging is the loss of elasticity in the skin. Elasticity is an important part to a youthful complexion as it creates a toned, firm and lifted face. To avoid a saggy jawline, cheeks and baggy under eyes, there are many tools out there to reverse this skin concern.

    • Take a more manual approach through the use of facial rollers and massagers like a jade roller or Gua sha – or simply use your knuckles to give your face a deep tissue massage. In accompaniment, use a rich facial oil or skin serum to allow the tool to glide across your skin. Know as lymphatic drainage, facial massages not only tighten the skin but also remove any toxins which could be giving your skin a tired look.

    • Use our Y Shape 3D Roller Massager Face Lift for a quick morning fix to help reduce morning puffiness, awaken the skin and tighten its complexion. Even better, place it in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes before use to help reduce the appearance of pores and undereye bags. It’s also a great product to help release tension in facial muscles from a stressful day.

2. The Power of Electricity

If you fancy a little bit more assistance on your journey to a youthful looking complexion, there are many products on the market which uses pulses to massage and stimulate the skin.

Just like our 24k Gold T Shaped Face Lifting Roller Massager. Its gentle pulses activate the skin and boost blood circulation to help brighten, sculpt and define your complexion. Use it across your face, neck and eyes to improve the appearance of ageing skin. This tool will help remove ageing skin concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines and under eye puffiness.

3. The First Signs of Ageing

We all dread the day we spot our first wrinkle around our eyes and we all like to prevent them from appearing sooner than we want.

Our 24k Gold Collagen Dark Circle Remover not only helps to reduce the appearance of dark set eye bags but also helps to fade fine lines. Working to tighten and repair the delicate area it will give the appearance of more youthful eyes that have gained their advised 8 hours of sleep.

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